Monday, October 29, 2012

Part 2 - My visit to the Italian's important football institutions

The city of Torino (Turin)

The search continues...
After my visit to Milan, i decided that i need to have a closer look at another giant in Italian football. A true giants even though many football fans in Malaysia generaly not interested in Serie A or Italia Calcio as a whole. I need to see the club in details so that we can learn something, and move forward profesionaly like them. The strong anxious feeling inside persuaded me to look for it, and it drive me to the city of Torino to complete my adventure...

The 2 hour journey from Milan to Torino filled with excitement, the view of few Italian town along the way. I was also impressed with the architectural aspect with some of the older house, left me dream to build a house with such classy structure. Back to football, my next destination was about a club rich with history, tradition, long list of honours and a trophy laden cabinets. Yes, i am talking about Juventus FC.

The stadium itself located in a very strategic location. Easy to reach by car and bus, as the new Juventus Stadium located just near by the main Highway. As i was about getting into the stadium area, the sight of the new stadio Juventus impressed me. The combination of sporting, simplicity, convinience and Italian flavour were the main character of the arena. Its symbolised how important it is, Juventus FC for the fans, people of Turin and Italian football in general.

The arena was build around the community, as they want this new stadium to be a '24 hours and 7 days a week' alive and open. The stadium was build together with other facilities such as shopping complex, a hyper market, Museum and Juventus FC store. So, This area will be always alive by visitors either for shopping, or football related matters.

The main entrance to the stadium. The magnificent character of the club, strong message to the rest of the world. A club that was found by a group of young students, a commoner, normal people with great ambitions. Now, stand in front of me a prove of a succesfull football club, with a legacy of winning culture mixed with the already well known unique Italian sporting mentality. This is the only stadium in Italy own by the football club itself. Another point to learn by us in Malaysia.

30 times scudetto winners. A testimony that will remind everybody who want to know about this club. Without a doubt, this club is the biggest in Italy, and will get bigger. Massive numbers of visitors come down to this ground every year. Good business for the club.

Standing in front of the players tunnel. Players will normaly come out from here during match days. Upstairs, there were plenty of glass rooms, facing the pitch build for the corporate customers. The corporate customers leased the rooms for a season, and they will enjoy watching the game from the room plus some other hospitality services such as foods, drinks and comfort seat. This will generate more income for the club.

The new Stadio Juventus replacing Stadio Delle Alpi with smaller capacity of 41000 seat. The club intended to have a quality supports instead of quantity. The stand build so close to the pitch, around 10 meters and this excites the fans because they can see the actions closer. The club also installed so many cameras around the stadium to curb hooliganism, as the Italian football authority put security as their top agenda to bring football closer to the comunity. The seat is a numbered seat compelete with the fans name, and camera installed in every corner.

The museum. Must visit the Juventus museum. Marcello Lippi, one of the best quotes by one of the best manager in the club history.

Success doesn't build in one day, or one month, or one year. This trophy cabinet was build as a testimony for this club success for decades. Work hard and always believe.

My important point on this visit:

1. Location of the stadium easy for fans to reach.
2. Stadium build around the community. Convinience store to maintain the area alive.
3. Stadium ownership by the club, not city council.
4. Corporate box for corporate customer. To build long and sustainable relationship, to attract investor and sponsor. Massive income through leasing the corporate box
5. Great financial income through Museum and club store.

I hope State FA's and clubs in Malaysia would learn from this, as i wish there will be a team as big as Juventus will rise from Malaysia.

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