Monday, October 22, 2012

My visit to the Italian's important football institutions - Part 1

The city of Milan

My arrival in the city of Milan was greeted by a fresh football air. Reasonably cold and windy, the Malpensa airport show a glimpse of what i described as a true footballing city. A replica or statue of former Inter star Karl-Heinz Rummenigge stand tall in the arrival hall. We can't see that similar level of appreciation from our society in KLIA towards any Malaysian legends.

On my way from Malpensa to the city, i was a bit tired. But knowing that i was about to enter the 'capital of fashion' has kept me awake for the entire journey. Soon after unloading my goods in the room, i left for the city centre, or more famously known as Duomo.

I can't leave Milan without visiting their supreme megastore. Top class. The two storey megastore fits the taste and requirement of many Milan fans. It is located about 200 meters from Duomo square. Jerseys, Mafla and everything to do with AC Milan can be obtained here. I had suggested once to the all Malaysian football clubs that we need to have this kind of facilities. The megastore could bring in more income to the clubs. Malaysian State's FAs and the clubs need to be sustainable in the long run, and they need to diversify their income to achieve that. FA's or clubs megastore could be an important option.

Milan Derby 7th October 2012. It was AC Milan as the home team (eventhough they shared the stadium). I was about to enter the stadium via gate 12. Although the city was packed with the passionate fans, but security wise, it was always under control. Before i could enter through the gate behind me, i had to go through a manual officer checking. The stadium officer checked my ticket before i procede to the next security level. The second level impressed me the most. The bar code validation system. The system installed to ensure that i was using the valid match ticket. Another point to be highlighted in Malaysia football. Valid and genuine match ticket to ensure the club's gate receipt in total control.

Finaly got my seat at the third tier. yup the highest tier. The match was about to start. The Curva Sud ultras displayed their dominance by continous chants and songs. Malaysia Fans, are you watching this? i am sure our Ultras Malaya could produce a banner as big as this one!

The game went on, Inter went ahead in just 4th minute after Walter Samuel headed in a free kick on the far post. Both sides are not my favourite team, so i won't elaborate more on the technical side of the game. I just being there for my personal visit, observation or may i say, my little research on Italia calcio.

Always amazed, fascinated, thrilled by the CURVA SUD ultras. There is no football without the fans.

Another great chants by the Curva Sud ultras. Electric

The game ended with 'the visiting team' won by 0-1. Not so much goal mouth action, but a very high energy Milan derby game. Time to go back to my room

This is actually Duomo square. Located at the heart of the city. This is where normaly the fans celebrate their triumphant victory domesticaly or continentaly.

My important points from this Milan visit.

1. The local authority to promote local football team, and their stars
2  The important of having good public transport for the fans to the stadium. Trains, buses, tramps
3. The important of clubs to be enggaged with the fans
4. The important of establishing club's megastore to generate income
5. The important of technology to supervise and monitor stadium security. Plus to validate genuine match  ticket.
6. The important of having seated stadium. Where each seat will be numbered according to section, tier and priority. This is to make fans feel more convinience.

This is all for my part 1, will see you later in part 2. Insha Allah.

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